Reduce / Control your operating costs

In today’s demanding economic environment companies are forced to do more with less as they face declining margins and increasing competition. Improving facility management programs and more effectively utilizing existing resources, can cut costs and help you save money. Outsourcing all or a portion of your facility needs with VCM Viking Consulting and Management allows you to employ this strategy, thereby reducing your overhead and operating costs.

Improve Department Focus and Utilize Staff Resources More Effectively

Outsourcing the maintenance needs of your facility allows your staff to focus more on higher priority operational issues. VCM will provide on centralized source of contact for your store maintenance and repairs, removing the burden finding vendors to handle issues as they arise. This allows your staff to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Contractor Network

VCM Viking Consulting and Management utilizes an extensive network of carefully screened contractors. These Vendors are selected for their high quality workmanship and reliability . Each contractor exhibits the utmost professionalism at all times and provides superior customer service.

To contact us:

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